Hello, my name is Kyle. 

I am a Computer/Network/IT specialist in Agoura Hills, California with over  25 years experience in computer repair & technical support.  I provide on-site repair services as well as remote access support.

Did you know that over 90% of computer problems can be fixed remotely?

You no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of taking your computer to a local shop, with no guarantee how long it will take before they even get to your computer. Some shops (cough, cough Geek Squad) charge for priority service even if they're not busy.

As long as your computer has an internet connection I can fix your system remotely.

Only $69 for Most PC or Mac Repairs

$69 is not a "starting price", it is your total cost if parts are not required for the repair.

  • FREE diagnosis for Mac and PC. If we cannot solve the problem - there is no charge.
  • We can make your computer faster for $69. Is your computer running much slower than it used to? Is your home page set to some obscure search engine? Do you have toolbars cluttering up your browser? These problems are usually caused by programs that tricked their way onto your computer. They are difficult to remove completely, and they negatively impact the speed of your PC or Mac. I can remove the viruses and malware and speed up your computer for $69.
  • Virus, spyware, and malware removal is only $69. This includes the FBI VIRUS that is so prevalent at this time. We will remove malware and browser hijackers, and install software tools to help you protect against future infections at no additional charge.
  • Basic computer repair is $69 if parts are not needed.
  • A clean installation of Windows is $69. We will save your valuable data (pictures, music, documents), and reinstall the applications that you provide. When we are done, your version of Windows will be current with all service packs and important updates. We will install some of the best free software available to help with picture organization and editing, malware removal, video playback, and document creation. A clean installation, without the manufacturer's bloatware, will make most computers boot faster and run better than when they were new.
  • Data Recovery is $69, even if the file has been removed from the recycle bin. If we cannot recover data there is no charge.
  • Transfer Data to new computer is $69. We will move your data (pictures, music, documents) from an old computer to your new one. We will also try to move your Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Outlook) to your new machine and save you the cost of purchasing Microsoft Office again. If you use Outlook to access your email we will help you with the setup.

There is no need to pay $150-$300 to rid your computer of viruses and spyware. Let us do it for just $69

Feel free to contact me anytime for a free quote or to ask any questions.